Radnor Oak Buildings™

Oak Framed Garages & Outbuildings

Our Standard Oak Framed Garages:

Incorporating all of our trademark signatures; a traditionally jointed oak frame with substantial framing timbers and knee braces, heavy duty ancillary framing components and our own concealed weatherproofing system.

What Makes Our Buildings Better?

Any craftsman will tell you that the best buildings are made from the best materials. The oak we use is selected on quality and grade – not on price.

  • Our oak posts, eaves beams and tie beams are 175mm x 175mm (7” x 7”), being far more substantial than the industry standard.
  • Our two-storey buildings include impressive 350mm x 175mm (14” x 7”) oak tie beams, thus avoiding internal supporting posts on the ground floor, leaving the space open and unobstructed.
  • Rafters and wall studs are generously deep creating a flexible space to insulate the walls and roof (if required).
  • Our weatherboards are the highest grade & specification available.
  • Our joinery products are hand-crafted with a strong emphasis on weatherproofing and security.
  • Each component of every building is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our standards.
  • Joints are ‘double-pegged’ with seasoned oak draw pegs, creating an incredibly strong structure.
  • Concealed within the principle oak frame are rebates to accommodate lead and damp-proof membranes for maximum weatherproofing.
  • We are an environmentally responsible company – the oak used in our frames is sourced only from sustainably managed woodlands.