Radnor Oak Buildings™

The Brampton

Our largest standard outbuilding, The Brampton is a storey and a half ‘barn-style’ oak framed building. As you enter the first floor of The Brampton you walk into the heart of the oak frame, with the oak trusses and purlins being completely exposed. Internally, the height of the Brampton is 3.9m from the first floor deck to the ridge of the vaulted ceiling.

The Brampton  2 Bay

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The Brampton 2 BayThe Brampton 2 Bay The Brampton 3 BayThe Brampton 3 Bay The Brampton 4 BayThe Brampton 4 Bay

If the dimensions of The Brampton aren’t right for you we can adapt the design to suit your requirements.


  • Dormer Windows
  • Velux Roof Lights
  • Additional Glazing to Gables
  • Additional Bays
  • Partition Walls
  • Doors, Windows etc.
  • Log Stores