Radnor Oak Buildings™

The Kinsham

A versatile single story building with a ‘cat-slide’ roof to the rear. The ‘cat-slide’ roof ensures that the Kinsham retains full headroom within the building as well as adding character to the external appearance. The low ridge-height of 3.9m means The Kinsham in many cases will not require planning permission. The 2 Bay Kinsham will also not require building regulation approval.

The Kinsham  2 Bay

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The Kinsham 2 BayThe Kinsham 2 Bay The Kinsham 3 BayThe Kinsham 3 Bay The Kinsham 4 BayThe Kinsham 4 Bay

If the dimensions of The Kinsham aren’t right for you we can adapt the design to suit your requirements.


  • Additional Bays
  • Partition Walls
  • Doors, Windows etc.
  • Log Stores