What Are The Advantages to Working From Home?



What Are The Advantages to Working From Home?

With more and more people opting for remote working options, we decided to revisit some of the working spaces our customers have requested over the years, as well as think about some of the advantages of choosing a home office. 

This home office in Surrey is beautifully set behind a garden pond, offering that distance between home and the office that can so often be a struggle to find when working remotely. 
It acts almost like a moat, because after all, an Englishman’s home is his castle…why not his garden office too? One of the main reasons people choose to work from home is the peace and quiet that they might not get in a busy office. A tranquil space of your very own.

No matter your opinion on the current industrial action, it’s evident that it’s had a part to play in a shift towards remote working, and one major advantage of this is not having the stress and cost of a regular commute. Not to mention the emissions in the ever-changing and ever-vulnerable state of our planet. I don’t think many people would disagree that commuting can be the worst part of your day…commuting from the kitchen to the garden office however sounds a lot more appealing. And what about that corner of the living room where your computer lives? Wouldn’t it be nice to give it a whole room of its own? Freeing up space in your home is another huge incentive for having a garden office and makes working from home much more appealing in itself! 

This oak garden building in Cheshire has multiple skylights with natural light pouring in, it also has a covered seating area just outside for when the laptop is switched off. Work-life balance? Check.

One wholly unique advantage to the Radnor Oak home offices is that, come 5pm when everything’s switched off, you’re still making money. ‘That doesn’t make any sense’ you’re thinking, but oak framed buildings, like the examples included, add value to your property without you having to do a thing. I mean…win win right?


Now the final example we have is this very cosy oak framed garden office nestled in among the trees at a property located in our neighbouring Herefordshire. Surrounded by nature on every side, with big open windows and French doors letting in plenty of natural light, it’s hard to imagine doing any work in here. But productivity levels are said to dramatically increase from both working at home and being in natural spaces. If all else fails, this office doubles up as a summerhouse for when work takes a back seat.