Garden Offices & Summerhouses Cost Guide

The total cost of a Gazebo or Garden Pavilion project will depend on the building design and layout, site access, ground conditions, and the customer’s preferences (i.e. how many windows and doors are included, softwood or oak doors and windows, the type of roof covering, the internal ‘fit out’ etc). Local contractor costs vary across the UK and may also have a bearing.

The following guidelines include ‘typical’ fully installed cost estimates of the most commonly purchased standard Radnor Oak products.

The estimates assume that all site operations are undertaken by a contractor. Costs can be reduced significantly for customers who self-build, or who can undertake some of the tasks.


Estimates include:

  • Construction of the foundations, concrete base & dwarf walls.

  • Your Radnor Oak building delivered to your site.

  • The erection of your oak framed building.

  • Roofing of your oak framed building.


SMALL OFFICES (3.50m x 3m - suitable for up 2 people)

£14,000 + v.a.t. to £16,000 + v.a.t.


MEDIUM OFFICES (5.10m x 3m - suitable for up to 4 people)

£18,000 + v.a.t. to £20,000 + v.a.t.


LARGE OFFICES (6m x 5.10m - suitable for up to 5 people)

£24,000 + v.a.t. to £28,000 + v.a.t.


Potential additional costs:

  • Planning permission (if applicable).
  • Connection of electricity and water.
  • Internal ‘fit out’ i.e. insulation, plasterboard or t&g internal cladding, electrics, plumbing, floor covering etc).