Byton Low Ridge in North Yorkshire

On the outskirts of York, surrounded by the North Yorkshire countryside sits a 3 bay Byton Low Ridge. A functional and traditional oak frame not only provides it's owners with 3 large carports (4x4's will fit comfortably) but also additional storage space. 

Each bay is enclosed with the use of electronic roller doors, the black creating a lovely contrast with the oak frame; which in time will turn a beautiful silver colour. 

Due to the support posts being exposed the customer has decided to use chamfered saddle stones to the support the structure; the same technique used on our pavilion and gazebo frames. However, in order for the doors to roll smoothly against the frame the owners have smoothed the internal side of the saddle stones to allow for seamless opening and closing. 

To create continuity in the design the sections of saddle stone that were cut off were used against the outer posts to cover the red brick footings.