Equestrian Outbuilding

Bordered by meadows and grassy hills is this unique oak complex. It's base design stemming from the our standard Norton building, joined together to create a ‘T-Shape’ with a lofted space running throughout the build. 

Quietly quaint with it's peeking dormer windows and silvering oak, the tones of which mirror the mottled stone walls that guide you to the front gate. 

The first half of the cleverly designed T-shaped structure holds three open bays, suitable for use either as carports or outdoor storage areas (i.e. bikes, lawnmower etc).

An oak staircase leads you up to access the lofted area through the personnel door, which connects other sections of the building together.  


The rear half of the T-shaped layout consists of an oak stable block and courtyard which also backs on to an outdoor arena; creating an open collective area for horse maintenance and activity.    

Looking out over the arena is the oak balcony and glazed gable end, perfect as a viewing platform whatever the weather; and possibly a place for judges to sit during tests or competitions. 




The main purpose of this complex was for an equestrian outbuilding.....however, there is a little secret involving the customers vegetable garden. (Which we really, really love!)

Around the corner and out of sight from viewing eyes is a little potting shed. Fitting like a soil covered glove, sitting amongst a vegetable patch that would rival Mr McGregors. This building has been carefully created to make our client’s day-to-day lives more convenient, with the potting shed sitting well above the main access points for the rest of the building, making it accessible from the main garden level.

The traditional aspects of storage nooks and gardener smocks hung on hooks allow you to step in to the world similar to that of a Beatrix Potter book. 

We are smitten with the simplicity and secluded nature of the little hide-away, as well as the beauty of the views found on a summer Sunday afternoon from the oh so English table and chairs.