A Gazebo For All Seasons In Shropshire

The autumn sun was just beginning to disappear for the day when we arrived at the shropshire home of a small gazebo.

Welcomed with a cuppa and a few biscuits, we sat and chatted all things oak, outdoor entertaining and how amazed the owner was in regards to the gazebos versatility. Originally required as a feature in the garden, to break it up into different areas; "as well as somewhere where we could eat outside but would provide shelter and something that would look stunning but would be timeless"

The sturdy structure has been used continuously throughout the heatwave as a shaded dining area and cool spot for the owner to relocate their office on those ridiculously warm days.  

Although a huge hit in the summer the gazebo's practicality doesn't stop when the months get cooler:

"Absolutely, we use the gazebo right through the year, we have hosted many a Halloween party or bonfire night in the garden and it is the area we seem to lay out the food and drinks or sit round to eat. It also looks fantastic when its decorated be it for Christmas, Halloween or a summer party."



Flash forward 3 years since it's completion and the silver tones of aged oak have started to reveal themselves.  However this graying gazebo has only gotten stronger as it naturally ages and dries out over time, making it "indestructible"  as the owner puts it.  

Ideal, especially with three young children; another reason oak was the best choice for them. 





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