Six Bay Shoot Lodge in Dorset

This stunning oak framed ‘shoot lodge’ in Dorset is fit for all functions throughout the year and the owners couldn't be happier.

Based on our standard Byton High Ridge oak outbuilding which is typically used as a garage or carport; this building was adapted to be used as a cosy and practical entertaining area.

The majority of the space is used as for a large dining area, using 4 of the 6 bays and featuring three chunky 'King Post' oak trusses and purlins for that extra touch of class. 

To the rear of this oak framed shoot lodge is a separate kitchen, which allows for the preparation, cooking and serving to be done all under one roof. 


oak frame shoot lodge
principal oak frame skeleton
oak truss frame timber building
oak frame interior oak truss

Grandeur greets you at the front with two pairs of French Doors with full height windows either side, an ideal feature for flooding the area with natural light as well as allowing the guests to open the room out into the garden during warmer months. 

The increased roof pitch and height of a Byton High Ridge oak garage/ outbuilding enjoys sufficient space to create a loft storage area. Our clients for the shoot lodge have added a bespoke door (just visible in the photos, behind the oak trusses) for easy access to the loft, adding even more unique character to this chunky oak framed building.


Loft Storage In Byton High Ridge
oak framed building interior kitchen