Foundations, Walls & Staddle Stones


What types of foundations are required for our Garages and Outbuildings?

In most instances you can opt for either a strip or a raft foundation. Typical strip foundations are around 1m deep. A typical raft foundation is roughly 200mm deep with steel reinforcement within the concrete raft. Our drawings detail the typical foundations you have chosen. Your local building inspector will confirm the final foundation design (if building regulations are required). 


What type of foundations are required for our Gazebos and Pavilions?

Assuming that no building regulations are required and that no abnormal ground conditions apply, in most instances a 150mm concrete raft set over 150mm of compacted stone such as Dept. Of Transport (DOT) Type 1 - 40mm Sub Base will suffice. If the ground is soft more stone and a deeper raft may be required. Your builder will be able to advise. 



Do our buildings sit on brick walls?

Most of our annexes, garages & outbuildings will sit on brick walls. We generally detail three courses of bricks below floor level (this avoids concrete footings showing in the event that the surrounding ground is uneven) and three courses of bricks above floor level. Each course will be two bricks wide with no cavities unless building regulations dictate otherwise. This some posts (i.e. between pairs of garage doors and on log stores) will need to sit on staddle stones.

Our gazebos and pavilions generally sit on staddle stones if the sides are open to the elements. If boarded panels are included in gazebos or pavilions it is advisable that they sit on brick walls.


What type of staddle stones do I need?

Staddle stones fitted between garage doors on garages and outbuildings will be 175mm square (the same size as the oak post) and 225mm high (the same height as the brick walls).

Staddle stones for gazebo’s and log stores can be chamfered. See the staddle stones we offer.