Do our buildings require any treatment?


Do i need to treat the structural timber components in my building?

No. Oak is naturally durable and has ‘stood the test of time’ untreated for centuries.  The ancillary softwood components we supply are Vac Vac treated. There is no need for you to add any additional weatherproofing to the structural components. When left untreated the building will ‘weather’ over time. You can oil or stain your oak frame and ancillary components should you prefer for aesthetical reasons, however we like to leave everything natural.


do i have to treat the doors, windows and stairs?


Yes. There is a ‘base-coat’ applied to our joinery products before they leave the workshop which offers some initial protection, however your joinery items will need to be coated with a weatherproofing sealant of your choice as soon as you receive delivery. We recommend that you protect your joinery products with a high quality paint or sealant exactly as you would for the joinery items in your house. Our joinery is very high quality and deserves some TLC!