Our Show Site

Oak Frame Gazebo



Roughly 2 miles from our office HQ is our ever changing, ever evolving show site.

We love showing our clients what can be achieved with our buildings. There's nothing quite like seeing something 'in-the-flesh' and we are proud to be able to offer this service.

An oak framed building of any description is a big investment into your property and these decisions can't be made lightly, so we see it as an essential part of our business to invite you to view our buildings.


We want to make sure you're aware of every option we have available for you before you make your final design decisions. Is the additional log store needed, or would you like to replace it with a porch? 

Do you want a second floor for a children's games room, or would you rather have a gazebo for summer BBQ's with the savings had by opting for a single storey building? 

These are just some simple examples of what we can discuss during your visit to the Radnor Oak show site.

Call us on 01544 260727 to arrange your appointment and a member of our team will be more than happy to show you around (please note that we operate the visits only by appointment as this is the home of our Managing Directors).