Ways To Add Value To Your Property


Whether it be a new kitchen or an emergency repair, any additions or alterations to your home should, in theory, add to its value. We’ve put together a list of adjustments and advancements that will almost certainly increase the value of your home. 


Sprucing up your outdoor space is an obvious and often easy way to add a little value to your property. Opening up space in your garden can add a great deal of value, with a little extra space for relaxing or entertaining. 


This leads us to the next idea for adding value to your property: garden offices. Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable shift in the amount of people working from home, because of this garden offices can be a huge selling point. Garden offices are often the preferred choice for those that work from home as they may not have the extra space inside their houses so they create a productive workspace that is separate from their homes. Radnor Oak has a range of their own oak framed garden offices that have proven to be very popular during the work from home renaissance of the past couple of years. Research suggests that constructing a Radnor Oak building will in most cases increase the value of your property. The key selling point we like to put forward is “Add value to your property while you earn.” - you can’t argue with that. Oak frame buildings will always add value but there are also benefits to using an oak frame which you might not expect. Check out our Surprising Health Benefits Of Using Wood’ blog for more. 


Moreover, as more of us make the most of our gardens, outdoor living has become a major part of our lives. A Radnor Oak Gazebo or Garden Pavilion will transform how you enjoy your outdoor living and add value to your property.

Many other blogs will suggest you add an extra bedroom or convert your loft for extra accommodation, we suggest a garden cottage or annex. Our oak annexes and garden cottages create independence from a ready-made building plot in your garden and increase the value of your property at the same time! Much like working from home, there has been a shift in holidaymaking with more and more people enjoying the delights of the staycation. Additional living on your property in the form of an oak framed garden cottage or annex can simultaneously increase the value of your property and provide a nice little income should you decide to use the space as a holiday let.

There are countless other uses for secondary accommodation, such as hosting friends and family,and as multi-generational living continues to rise, a separate dwelling gives elderly relatives or young adults independence, with family support close by when they need it. There are numerous benefits to several generations sharing the same property, including acting as a stepping stone for young adults saving for a house deposit, or having retired grandparents on hand to help with looking after their grandchildren. For older relatives, having family nearby provides company and assistance. Other potential advantages include shared bills and someone to walk & feed the dogs.


And don’t forget, all of this will add value to your home.