'Outdoor Living' in an oak framed gazebo or garden pavilion

A Radnor Oak gazebo or garden pavilion is an 'outdoor living room'. 

As more of us make the most of our gardens, outdoor living has become a major part of our lives. A Radnor Oak Gazebo or Garden Pavilion will transform how you enjoy your outdoor living and add value to your property.

All of our garden buildings are handcrafted in our workshop to create functional and beautiful outdoor living areas which will last generations.

Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, even when it rains! / Entertain your guests from your own ‘Cook House’ / Cook delicious food in your outdoor kitchen / Enjoy your favourite tipple from your outside bar on warm summer evenings / Enjoy your hobby in the fresh air / Relax and unwind with a book in the tranquility of your garden / Take in the views, or watch the birds and wildlife / Use your hot tub all year round / Work from your laptop in fresh air


Radnor Oak Gazebos

Our gazebos include hipped roofs, curved knee braces and dragon ties. The heavy duty 175mm x 175mm oak posts and beams look substantial, but perfectly in proportion. The posts sit on hand cut sandstone staddle stones, which are pre-drilled and supplied with stainless steel locating pins. Exposed roof timbers add extra appeal. 


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Radnor Oak Garden Pavilions

Our oak garden pavilions are the perfect solution to create a luxury outdoor living area.

As outdoor kitchens become increasingly popular, you can create your own stunning 'Cook House' beneath an oak trussed roof - a BBQ, fridge freezer, wood-fired pizza and cocktail bar with plenty of room for the table and chairs.................


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