We convert our workshop offcuts into seasoned firewood.

Our oak logs are split into convenient sizes then stored in large bags measuring approx. 80cm x 80cm x 80cm. When filled each bag bulges considerably making it impossible to measure the exact volume.

We can't guarantee that all bags contain the same volume of firewood, however, each bag is filled to its maximum capacity.

Log length and thickness varies but most are between 15cm to 25cm long (approx. 6" to 10") and between 7cm to 12cm deep (approx. 3" to 5").

There will be some logs in each bag which aren't within these estimates.

The bags are stored under cover until they are dry and fit to burn.

Our oak firewood can be collected on a pick up or trailer, or we can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK on a pallet.

The pallets supplied with our firewood can also be burned or reused by customers. The bags can be also reused by customers, or can be returned to Radnor Oak.

Please call 01544 260727 or email for more information.

Seasoned Oak Firewood Logs In Vented Bulk Bags