Oak Doors


Traditionally hand crafted oak doors.

We manufacture beautiful, solid oak doors for your home, office, annexe or outbuildings. The oak we use is sourced from PEFC or FSC certified suppliers who share our passion for sustainability.  

Our doors are more substantial than the industry standard, placing an emphasis on security and quality. We also manufacture oak door linings and oak architrave.

To compliment our oak doors, we supply high quality, traditional ironmongery. 



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Our hand crafted oak doors are made from solid oak - they are not engineered or laminated.

Our exterior doors are 55mm thick (the industry standard is 44mm) and will offer many years of service.  Exterior doors are supplied with rebated solid oak door frames with sills, and can be inward or outward opening.

Interior doors can be supplied with rebated frames or with door linings and door stops.

We can manufacture standard dimensioned oak doors to suit new build brickwork openings, or can create bespoke oak doors to suit non standard openings.

Exterior Oak Doors:   Oak Entrance Doors / Fully Boarded Oak Doors / Oak Stable Doors / Half Glazed Oak Doors / Glazed Oak Doors / Oak French Doors / Oak Garage Doors / Oak Workshop Doors / Replacement Oak Doors

Interior Oak Doors:   Oak Cottage Doors / Oak Ledged Doors / Oak Ledged & Braced Doors / Oak Framed, Ledged & Braced Doors

Oak Door Accessories:   Oak Door Linings / Oak Door Stops / Oak Architrave

We also supply solid oak windows.

We also supply door and window ironmongery.



Please email your oak door enquiry to info@radnoroak.co.uk or call us on 01544 260727