Oak Flooring


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As oak specialists, we have a website dedicated to high quality oak flooring, all from sustainably managed forests and sources.

We supply a range of beautiful solid oak floorboards, engineered oak flooring , and herringbone oak flooring. Some are pre-finished, some are ready for you to add the finishing touches.

Whether you want to replace an existing floor, finish off a new build, or compliment one of our oak framed cottages, annexes or garden offices, we think that you’ll find the perfect solution. CLICK HERE - www.oakfloorboards.co.uk



Solid Oak Flooring

Nothing feels as warm and homely as traditional Solid Oak Floorboards. We offer two widths of Solid Oak Floorboards 'pre-finished' with UV oil, or four widths 'unfinished' for you to add the final touches. Our full range of Solid Oak Floorboards can be found here https://oakfloorboards.co.uk/product-category/traditional-solid-oak-floorboards/

Solid Oak Flooring

Engineered Oak Flooring

We offer a substantial range of beautiful Engineered and Multi-ply Oak Flooring. You can select from various widths, thicknesses and finished. Our full range of Engineered Oak Floorboards can be found here - https://oakfloorboards.co.uk/product-category/engineered-oak-flooring/

Herringbone Oak Flooring

Engineered oak parquet flooring. Classic and timeless...
Our full range of Herringbone Oak Floorboards can be found here - https://oakfloorboards.co.uk/product-category/herringbone-oak-flooring/