For those times when you need your own space - a chunky style, traditional oak framed addition to your property which blends timelessly into its surroundings.

Radnor Oak Garden Offices – an increasing number of people are choosing to work from home to improve their health and work-life balance whilst improving productivity, reducing stress and improving their income. Oak framed garden offices offer the flexibility to create a relaxing working environment, or to separate your home working environment from your living space.

  • Work stress free from home in a luxury oak framed office in your own garden
  • Enjoy your work in a relaxing environment whether employed or self-employed
  • Repair or readjust your work-life balance
  • Remove the stress and cost of your regular train or bus commute
  • Say ‘no more’ to late trains or buses and loss of earnings
  • Improve your wellbeing and outlook
  • Free up time to see more of your family and friends
  • Work in peace and comfort instead of in a busy corporate office
  • Free up room in your house - take your home office into the garden
  • Create art in your own garden studio
  • Meet and treat your clients in your own therapeutic studio for Wellbeing Practitioners, Therapists or Physiotherapists
  • Add value to your property while you earn


Radnor Oak Summerhouses – create a special place to hide away and relax, enjoy your hobby, get fit or simply watch the world go by.

  • Relax and unwind with a book in the tranquility of your own garden
  • Take in the views and get closer to wildlife
  • Create a special hobby room for needlework, art or other pastimes
  • Workshops for potters, woodcarvers or craftspeople
  • Playrooms for children and teenagers
  • ‘Man Sheds’ and ‘She Sheds’ for older children!
  • Live outdoors in warmth and comfort
  • Enjoy your favourite tipple in a secluded garden hideaway
  • Get fit at home in your home gym
  • Practice Meditation or Yoga in your own home studio
  • Add value to your property while you relax


Please see examples below of pre-designed oak garden offices, summerhouses, studios and garden rooms or feel free to call our sales team on 01544 260727 for further information.