Some of our latest Case Studies

Below are a selection of case studies of customers buildings around the UK, including Berkshire, Surrey, Herefordshire, Somerset, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Cheshire and Wales.

  • A Gazebo For All Seasons In Shropshire

    Oak Gazebos

    A few years after completion we have recently been for a visit to a small Gazebo on the Shropshire border.

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    "as well as somewhere where we could eat outside but would provide shelter and something that would look stunning but would be timeless"
  • A 3 Bay Kinsham

    The Kinsham™

    A 3 bay Kinsham constructed for multi-purpose use, each bay different to accommodate the customers needs and requirements.

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    From delivery to final touches, have a look at the journey this oak frame took to become a practical free standing oak structure.
  • 2 Bay Byton High Ridge In Herefordshire

    The Byton High Ridge™

    A 2 Bay Byton High Ridge constructed in Herefordshire.

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    A self build in Herefordshire has seen a unique change in design for our 2 bay Byton High Ridge.  
  • 3 Bay Annexe In Somerset

    The Byton Low Ridge™

    A 3 Bay Annexe based on our Byton Low Ridge outbuilding, constructed In Somerset.

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